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Ulvertech Pipe-Cable Tracker Deviation - 23


Driver can decode: depth of contact, burial depth, Attitude, Heading and Cable Deviation from the Ulvertech TD400 Pipe and Cable Tracker - Ulvertech Enhanced Format.

To compute a cable position from the cable tracker offsets, the Qinsy Multibeam support must be enabled. 

Driver Information

Driver Ulvertech Pipe-Cable Tracker  Interface Type Serial Driver Class Type Terminated <LF>
UTC Driver (question) No Input / Output Input Executable DrvUlvertechTracker.exe 
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Decoding Notes

The relative X, Z position of the detected pipe is decoded as beam 1 of the multibeam system.

The relative X, Z position of the seafloor is decoded as beam 2 of the multibeam system.

If the Ulvertech unit has no altitude input then height of seafloor can't be calculated. The driver detects this and beam 2 is no longer being decoded.

The driver decodes the TSS tracker offsets as (two) multibeam echosounder beams.
Beam 1
contains the vertical and horizontal distance between the tracker reference point (reference line of the coil array) and the target.
Beam 2
contains the vertical distance between the tracker reference point and the sea bottom and the same horizontal distance as beam 1.
The Z value of beam 2 is obtained by subtracting the fields "Burial Depth" from "dY".

Quality indicators of beam1 and 2 are set to valid (3) when:

  1. X and Y values are not equal to zero AND
  2. Decoded Signal Strength is higher than a user-defined Threshold-Low AND
  3. Decoded Signal Strength is lower than a user-defined Threshold-High

If requirements a) to c) are not met then data is still decoded ok but the Indicators are set to 0.

Quality indicator can be interpreted as a single "Brightness Test Flag".

Database Setup

To decode the (horizontal and vertical) cable tracker offsets as multibeam observations, from which the cable position can be computed, add a system of type "Multibeam echosounder" to the (ROV) object, select the "Ulvertech Pipe/Cable Tracker" driver and add the appropriate interfacing and system parameters.
Make sure to select options "Unit is roll stabilized" and "Unit is pitch stabilized".

In order to decode the ROV attitude from the same input string, connect a new "Pitch, Roll an Heave system" to the ROV object and select the "Ulvertech Pipe/Cable Tracker R-P" driver with the same I/O parameters as before.

In order to decode the ROV heading from the same input string, connect a new "Gyro's and Compasses system" to the ROV object and select the "Ulvertech Pipe/Cable Tracker Heading" driver with the same I/O parameters as before.

The "Deviation" can be decoded (and displayed) as a "generic observation".
Add an auxiliary system of type "Miscellaneous system" to the database, select the "Ulvertech Pipe/Cable Tracker Deviation" driver; use the same I/O parameters as with the MBE driver (if it was defined).
Add a "Generic Observation" to the new system.


First time online, use "Settings - Computation Setup" to select the computation to enable the MBE computations and to disable/enable beam 1 (target) and/or beam 2 (sea bottom).

Also make sure to enable the options "Brightness Test" and "Colinearity Test" in the "Settings- Echosounder settings" menu, if you want Multibeam data to be flagged when Quality indicators are "not valid (0)".

Drivers IO Notes

The user can define 2 threshold values ( a minimum and a maximum) as command line parameter in These values are used to set the quality indicators. The values that are entered in are integer values in the range of 0 to 100. This will be interpreted as a Signal Strength Threshold between 0.0 and 1.0. If only one argument is entered, this is interpreted as the low threshold.
If no thresholds are entered in then Quality indicators will remain untouched.

Important note. In order to add user-defined thresholds, one should add the same parameters to all the lines in that contain the name DrvUlvertech.exe. Make them syntax-technically the same so watch out for spaces and upper/lower case.
If the syntax is not the same, Controller will start multiple driver modules and complain about port conflicts.


DrvUlvertech.exe 20 90

Low Threshold = 0.2, High Threshold 0.9

DrvUlvertech.exe 20

Low Threshold = 0.2, High Threshold 1.0


(default) Low Threshold = 0.0, High = 1.0 [All accepted]