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WAGO Dynamic Transducer Mounting - 10


Driver is used for calculating the offset mounting angle of a rotation frame on which a Multibeam transducer is mounted.
The frame is constructed in such a way that the transducer rotates around it's acoustic center.

This driver decodes a hydraulic cylinder displacement (range) and a vertical offset that is sent by the "WAGO" unit (via the WAGO stand alone program).
With the displacement and three fixed, frame dependent parameters; it calculates a vertical, roll-offset angle.
The Roll Offset angle is 0 when the transducer points downwards along the Z-axis of the vessels reference frame, and is 90 degrees when transducers' Nadir beam points horizontal.

Driver Information

Driver WAGO Dynamic Transducer Mounting  Interface Type Serial  Driver Class Type Terminated <LF> 
UTC Driver (question) No Input / Output Input  Executable DrvWAGODynaMount.exe 
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Database Setup

Add a "Surface Navigation System", select system "Wago Dynamic Transducer Mounting" and add two observations:

  1. Observation of type "Angle"

    Select "At Node" the node of the Multibeam transducer. Select for "To Node" any node you like (the "To Node" is not used). The driver outputs the angle in the unit  that is selected on the next page, degrees will usually suffice.

    Note: type of observation must be angle, otherwise it can not be assigned as a MBE Head Dynamic Alignment Observation

    The calculated angle is added  to the corresponding mounting offset angle in the QINSy "Multibeamer" component. Therefor for example, a positive roll angle observation will be interpreted as the frame rotating clockwise along the +Forward Axis (looking from aft to bow). By applying a Scale factor of -1 to the Angle observation properties, one can compensate for the fact that the calculated angle sign is opposite of the default Roll convention (positive Roll -> starboard down).

  2. Observation of type Range

    Select any "At" and "To" nodes.

    After Observations are defined, the angle observation must be assigned in  the MBE Setup Pages as a MBE Head Dynamic Alignment Observation.
    Refer to "MULTIBEAM ECHOSOUNDER SYSTEM DRIVERS" chapter for more information.

Drivers IO Notes

_MM:_If parameter MM is entered in then driver will decode the found values as being 1/10 of a millimeter instead of the default micrometers.

Frame Parameters:

The frame parameters are hard-coded into the driver as:


98 mm


413 mm


350 mm

By default these are used, that is if no extra parameters are found in

However it is possible to enter custom parameters in as command line parameters following the executable name. The order is crucial, it should be:

Driversname.exe <SPACE> A <SPACE> B  <SPACE> C  <SPACE> MM (optional)

Example for the default parameters with decoding in micrometers:

DrvWAGODynaMount.exe 98 413 350

note: The values must be entered in millimeters.