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Waypoints - Imtech ECDIS 3500 (WinSocket) - 15


Driver to output waypoint coordinates (single targets, surveylines, or pipelines) via TCP/IP to the ECDIS 3500 system.

Driver with user-interface, and therefore always present in the Windows taskbar online.

Driver Information

Driver  Waypoints - Imtech ECDIS 3500 (WinSocket)  Interface Type TCP-IP  Driver Class Type
UTC Driver (question)
Input / Output Output  Executable DrvOutECDIS3500.exe ECDIS3500 
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Driver with user-interface, and therefore always present in the Windows taskbar online.

Use Options to select whether lat/lon coordinates should be outputted on Survey Datum or on WGS'84.

The user can select the source of the waypoint track to send in the driver's dialog:

Example of the Waypoint Output Driver's dialog

Waypoints from the Current Mainline

The Current Mainline will be changed automatically when the user selects in the Controller's Session Setup a new mainline.
This can be a target (one waypoint), single survey line (two waypoints) or a pipeline (two or more waypoints).
The new Mainline will be sent automatically if "Automatically send new line" is enabled.

Waypoints from the Controller's Waypoint Planning

Select Waypoints from the Controller's Waypoint Planning if you want to send more than one single survey line in one go to the DP.
Which lines?, and in what order?, and with which bearing? must be defined in the Controller's Session Setup.
Select on the first Session Setup Wizard page the Planning option.
(Note that this option is only available when one of the Waypoint Output drivers exists in the database template).

If you are sending parallel survey lines, each one opposite to the previous one, you can enable the calculation of  extra waypoints for a smooth turn between the line changes.
Go to Settings... to fill in the Turn Parameters.

Waypoints from the defined track of the Navigation Display

Select Waypoints from the Navigation Display if you want to send the last defined waypoint track of the Navigation Display.

Every time you click and add a new waypoint in the display, the number of Total Waypoints will be incremented in the driver's dialog.

The current waypoint track will be lost when you define a new Waypoint Track, or when you close the Navigation Display.


Prior to actually sending the selected waypoints to the DP, use Preview to check the waypoint track.