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WinFrog Decoder - 15


Driver to output an ASCII string containing ROV (or other object) data to a "WinFrog Decoder" module. 

Driver Information

Driver WinFrog Decoder  Interface Type
Driver Class Type
UTC Driver (question) No Input / Output Output  Executable DrvOutPositionUI.exe WINFROG 
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After starting a database for an online session, a button on the taskbar becomes visible. Clicking this button will pop up a dialog showing the latest data values.
Press the "Settings..." button to select the node that will be used to obtain positions and angles.
There is also a possibility to select depth and/or altitude observations. 

Registry Options

Output formats can be changed by editing their values using the Windows RegEdit utility ('Start'-'Run').

Please do not change these values yourself, but contact the QPS Support department for more information.