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7 July 2016, We're pleased to present Fledermaus 7.6.1. The Fledermaus 7.6.1 release contains a number of bug fixes and improvements. We recommend upgrading to the new version as soon as possible. 

Fixes and improvements


  • Improved georeference display of child cross profiles
  • Fixed issue with Beam fan time series and time bar synchronization
  • Fixed issue with cell size for gridding with geographic projection
  • Improved user interface for the georeference action tab for reprojecting an SD object to match to scene
  • Improvements on connection and navigation capability mode with the 3D Space Navigator
  • Improve non world file reference image import


  • Improved the number of detection points (number of beams) to read the max number of beams rather than just valid beams in .s7k files.
  • There were updates made for the GSF scaling factor parameters for the depth and beam average amplitudes
  • Improved user interface for the settings on the maximum number of core processing threads to be adaptable to systems
  • Add support for the Reson T50-P sonar


  • Improvements for reading .s7k files related to navigation when converting
  • Improvements when reading db/qpd pair data.


  • Fixed issue with default coordinate system when appending to a PFM

Vessel Manager

  • Fixed issue with user interface and vessel locks on map displays when having more than one vessel view

Additional Documentation

Documentation that has been recently added to the Fledermaus Knowledge base