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4 August 2016, We're pleased to present Fledermaus 7.6.3

Fixes and improvements


  • Resolved problems with 3D editor selection box within sounding grid area boundaries not displaying
  • Fixed issue with DXF data mishandlling at import
  • Fixed issue with moving selection box of the 3D Editor with hot keys and checked area
  • Fixed issues in load process for ENC files error messages
  • Fixed issue with mask leaving gaps within rendered surfaces on map display
  • Fixed issue with drape image to surface


  • Updates for LADS Database format support 
  • Improved information messages for PFM custom attributes


  • Fixed issue with runtime settings  associated with the Kongsberg 2040 snippets . The second was with merging the DB/QPD pairs. 

  • Fixed issue with .DB/QPD pairings for file selections


  • Fixed issues related with navigation data when loading S7K file format not getting recognized
  • Fixed issue exporting refracted points selected
  • Fixed issue with ASCII beam detail export of raw and corrected beam values for several data formats


  • Fixed issue with make surface time series command.