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22 Sebtember 2016, We're pleased to present Fledermaus 7.6.4

Fixes and improvements


  • Fledermaus platform is now officially supporting Windows 10* operating system users
  • Fixed issue with imported points and Z values getting reset after translation for the SD file
  • Improvements to handling empty SD point cluster file when created in a scene.
  • Fixed issue with geodetic transformations that caused improper vertical value changes.
  • Improved reading coordinate system when importing BAG files
  • Fixed issue that caused Fledermaus to not be able to open any files after doing a lot of CUBE editing in the 3DEditor
  • Fixed issue selecting Targets for a PFM in fledermaus and moving/adding them in the 3DEditor


  • Fixed issue with Z values not working properly when changing PFM to be built from meters to feet.
  • Improvements for the reading and handling of moved Dmagic projects.


  • Norbit systems are now supported via import of S7K or from QINSy .db format.

  • WASSP systems now supported via a user selected custom sonar type.

  • Improved handling of user updates to navigation interpolation between adjacent lines.

  • Fixed bug in merging HDCS with ALL data for cases where backscatter and/or bathymetry packets may be missing and/or packet counts are not consistent.

  • Preservation of custom processing settings behaviour when project is not closed prior to quitting FMGT.

  • Fixed bug with beam angle calculation for dual head systems which affected ARA.

  • Fixed issue with the application of the sonar offsets which affected Kongsberg EM2040 Dual head systems.
  • Fixed issue creating ARA and Statistics SD layers when using a custom reference system.


  • Improvements while converting water column data to .GWC for .ALL files, allowing more flexibility to skip missing beam/packets and allow use of existing ones on files.
  • Fixed issue with project handling in the application and functionality available at launch without a project initially being created.


  • Fixed issue which icon and launching of the application in Mac OS X operating systems.

QPS Product Compatibility

This release of Fledermaus can read QPD files products from the following QPS products:

QPS Product

Version number




Or Newer

Qimera1.1.1Or Newer



Or Newer