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21 December, We're pleased to present Fledermaus 7.7.1


  • Now compatible with ArcGIS 10.4.1



  • Improvements to the labels of the histogram display for labels and labeling units
  • Fixed issues with zoom to object bounds when set with geographic coordinate systems
  • Improved initialization of coordinate reference system for scene, when creation of parent objects.
  • Fixed issue with export of file as .CSV from attributes table
  • Solved issue with silent installs for Fledermaus in Windows, with new install .MSI
  • Improved .DXF file type handling to better recognized none supported layers.
  • Improved exports of Fledermaus objects to Google earth
  • Fixed issue when working online (data collection) and ability to select distance type for a vessel object when it is active


  • Improved data indexing at loads for Kongsberg .ALL source files.
  • Fixed issue with .ALL files mishandling data at nadir.
  • Fixed an issue of memory allocation for the Coordinate Reference System
  • Fixed issue at GSF creation not counting for snippet detection samples
  • Improved data handling for .ALL files, for troubled beams and its effect on coverage when working with the beam time series. 
  • Improvements for negative UTM eastings handlings for the geodetic reference systems.
  • Fixed issue with sources files using orndnance reference systems


  • Fixed issue with SD file handling for TDRs in Mac OS Sierra 10.12.1