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24 January 2017, We're pleased to present Fledermaus 7.7.3

Fledermaus exported BAGs inherited offsets compared to original data that created them. You are affected by this bug if you use BAGs as part of your overall delivery products. When BAGs were exported they had a cell center/edge offset. You are strongly recommended to review the BAGs produced with any recent previous version of Fledermaus. Before recreating your BAGs, you can test if the BAG created was affected by this bug. Please follow the next link to the Technical Note - Ensuring BAG import/export consistency.

Fixes and Improvements


  • Fixed outstanding issue with exporting BAGs which was resulting in offsets on the BAG produced. Users are encouraged to review BAGs created with previous version and ensure adequate production, see this link for more information.
  • Improvements to support 3DConnexion devices such as Space Mouse Pro and Space Mouse Wireless, more details in the reference manual.
  • Fledermaus has now being updated to use EPSG 9.0 database for its geodetic library.
  • Resolved surface export and import of floating point geotiff's cell center/edge geo-referencing bug
  • Improved vessel track importer to honor heading input from QPDs as source data.
  • Fixed issue with dynamic Points not writing a valid TDR block.
  • Fixed issue with statistics calculation for scalars causing a crash.
  • Fixed naming on the bin info widget window to standards in the graphical user interface.
  • Fixed issue with silent install and uninstall of Fledermaus in Windows operating systems.
  • Improvements to the import gridded data dialog wizard.
  • Fixed latitude and longitude reported values for map display cursor navigation


  • Corrected characters of the Add Source Data dialog
  • Improvements to the convert Grid dialog to the standard established in Fledermaus.


  • Improvements to the auto-computing CRS dialog, to set user specified.
  • Fixed problem specific to .DB/QPD pairing and Qimera’s GSF files not lining up when using OSGB as reference system
  • Upgraded automated time-sync for .S7k/HDCS, .ALL/HDCS, .R2S/HDCS and XTF/HDCS to handle HDCS data from Caris HIPS version 10.
  • Fixed unexpected exit of application after line brightness and edit line segment cursor mode selection.
  • Fixed issue with data specific issues related to wkt string length.
  • Improvements to support EM1002 data. 


  • Export refracted points default output now ascii output folder.
  • Fixed issue with export of refracted cluster points not honoring cursor selection.


  • Fixed typos to the linetomodel command help.
  • Improvements to the mksurfseries command frames are now equally distributed so if you run it in a loop you get identical amount of time for each frame.