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16 February 2017, We're pleased to present Fledermaus 7.7.4

User please be aware that here is an issue with the QPS blue dongles for users running the application in Mac OS 10.11 or higher or Linux. This is known issue with the dongle manufature and continue to work to find a solution.

Please refer to the information related to the  Fledermaus Platform Overview to make sure you can run our applications.

Fixes and Improvements


  • Fixed issue with exports of .sd DTM objects to Geotiff floating points, related to null values, only affecting windows builds
  • Resolved issue with scalar values reported on cursor for map display, affecting Windows and Linux
  • Fixed issue with Geotiff with null values and bounds for correct handling
  • Fixed issue of scene file getting corrupted by saving empty interpretation object
  • Resolved issue with 3D PDF export resulting in a crash when overreaching limitations


  • Fixed problem with handling of file PFM file status, and reading adequate paths, related to PFM version file structure changes.
  • Improvements related to PFM building wizard and reported status of process, to show elapsed time
  • Improved reading of .FAU formats for making center lines visible.


  • Resolved issue .ALL data from EM 302 and handling of outer beams for beam average mosaic estimation
  • Fixed issue with handling of GSF file with none auto-compute settings for coordinate reference frameworks, which resulted in a crash
  • Fixed issue with pixel estimation size not providing adequate values at estimation, until clearing flags affecting .DB/.QPD pairings.
  • Resolved problem with .s7k/.HSCS pairing