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13 June 2017, We're pleased to present Fledermaus 7.7.6

Users please be aware that there is an issue with the QPS blue dongles for users running the application in Mac OS 10.11 or higher or Linux. This is known issue with the dongle manufacturer and continue to work to find a solution.

Please refer to the information related to the  Fledermaus Operating System Overview to make sure you can run our applications.

Mac OS users please note that we are having a known issue with the help documentation launching directly from the application. Rest assured that the help reference manual is getting installed as part of the application and you can get to it through the finder application.


FMMidwater is able to work with R2Sonic multispectral data and filter data per frequencies established by the user.



    • Improved the RGB import for .LAS files to handle 8 - bit values and able to set a flag.That flag then controls how the individual colour channels are combined to create the 32-bit RGBA value.
    • Fixed issue with loading time sensitive .SD object and time range for beginning and end times, it is now including date of the loaded data by default.
    • Improved playback for multiple source videos in a scene, and when jumping from one time to another using the Fledermaus timebar 


    • Fixed issue with Z offset not being applied at point export. 
    • Improved interface for the plot area tool with a progress bar to update to give the user feedback that the process is underway, it is not meant to be closed or canceled.


    • The backscatter corrections code was fixed to address two minor errors with the procedures for correcting seabed imagery data from Norbit sonars. The pulse length was not being correctly used to adjust the signal level and the Time Varying Gain (TVG) was being incorrectly computed. Users with existing projects may notice discrepancies of several dB in this version relative to previous versions
    • Fixed an issue with data from Norbit systems and the limit on the max size of the array that holds the intensity information for the line by setting a lower limit for range resolution.
    • Fixed a problem with an offset of gain, that will not allow processing, this is now fixed.
    • FMGT was not handling correctly the number of beams from a HDCS file, which caused some stripping in the mosaic. This is now fixed.
    • Fixed issue with HDCS/R2S pairings caused by 3rd party auto time sync, which was not enabled for this source file pairing formats.
    • FMGT will now be more tolerant of GSF files in which the first few pings may be missing sensor identification information, which can sometimes occur due to missing snippet imagery packets in the original data stream. Previously, these types of files would have caused the sensor lookup to fail and users would have had to resort to applying a "Custom Override" configuration. With the new fix in place, FMGT will examine more packets in the file in order to determine the sensor type
    • Fixed issue with merged GSF not getting listed in the project source files, but FMGT was actually creating the GSF. 
    • Solved issue with exports of backscatter scalars to .kml
    • There was an issue with the time lookup between R2S and GSF paired files created in 3rd party software, this is now fixed with an increased tolerance during merging time.
    • Fixed issue with Norbit logged data and how FMGT was not accounting for pulse length properly, this was creating a jump in the backscatter intensity in the resulting mosaic.
    • FMGT will now allow the user to correct for local time zone offsets in the bathymetry file, which will allow it to be paired with the UTC snippet file. FMGT will provide a warning message with the time offset that was detected and the user will have to manually enter this offset in the add source/paired dialog if they believe the files should match.


    • Fixed an issue with installations and the geodetics packages needed to handle some .SD files created with latest versions of QPS products, showing an error message with invalid WKT string.


    • Fixed issue with filtered rejected soundings and also manual soundings rejections. This is now fixed, before marking a sounding as filtered rejected it is checked if it is manually rejected, so there will be evident differences when using SHOALS settings.
    • Solved issue with ESRI grid import handling as values were stored in the file as short and exceeded limit allowed.