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9 September 2017, We're pleased to present Fledermaus 7.7.8

Users, please be aware that there is an issue with the QPS blue dongles for users running the application in Mac OS 10.11 or higher or Linux. This is a known issue with the dongle manufacturer and we continue to work to find a solution.

Please refer to the information related to the  Fledermaus Platform Overview to make sure you can run our applications.

Mac OS users please note that we are having a known issue with the help documentation launching directly from the application. Rest assured that the help reference manual is getting installed as part of the application and you can get to it through the finder application.

Users working with PFM and CUBE and hypothesis editing are recommended to upgrade to 7.7.8
Users working with FMGT with multispectral data, are strongly recommended to upgrade to Fledermaus 7.7.8 and Qimera 1.5.4.



  • Improvement corrected backscatter export capability that was implemented in FMGT v7.6 has been augmented to also now also export the ping frequency.  This is of particular use for multi-spectral processing since the pings of differing frequencies can now be easily distinguished in the export file.
  • It is now possible to export a Multispectral composite RGB Geotiff image of single frequency mosaics from the processing menu.
  • R2Sonic frequency response corrections have now been incorporated into the backcatter processing routines for all models of R2Sonic. This new capability allows FMGT to compensate for differences in transmitter and receiver response levels when users intentionally adjust the frequency of the sonar.  These types of corrections are also critically important for multispectral backscatter applications.  All R2Sonic users will find that the backscatter levels will increase, with increases of up to a few dB when working near 400 kHz, around 13 dB when working near 200 kHz and up to 26 dB for R2Sonic 2026 users working at 100 kHz. Users with existing projects may wish to continue working in their existing version of FMGT if consistency is important in an ongoing project.  Alternately, users can upgrade to this version of FMGT and manually clear the "Adjust" flags to trigger the appropriate reprocessing of the data.  If you have any questions at all, please get in touch with our support team.  This upgrade does not affect users with other types of sonars.


  • Plain View option was added to iView4D.



  • Fixed an issue loading DWG adding improvements as to how to handle exceptions with working with these types of files and loading them in Fledermaus.
  • Fixed bug when recubing that caused hypothesis to disappear.


  • Fixed an issue with XTF/HDCS pairings not properly detecting the number of beams and therefore not allocating enough memory for them, causing an abrupt exit.
  • Fixed an issue with a non-standard .ALL file that was missing installation parameters.
  • Fixed an issue when mosaicing a single swath of a dual swath system, when the sonar mode changed in the middle of the line.
  • Fixed an issue with overestimated mosaic cell sizes for R2Sonic 2026.