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Fledermaus 7.8.0 Release

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8 February 2018

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We're pleased to present Fledermaus 7.8.0. 

We are currently focusing our attention on building Fledermaus 8.0 and this release is meant primarily as an introduction to the new licensing system that is now common across the majority of QPS products with the release of Qimera 1.6 and QINSy 8.18.  Fledermaus 8.0 will also use the new licensing system.

The purpose of this release is to have a Fledermaus release timed with QINSy and Qimera such that users who use both Fledermaus and these other applications can safely upgrade to the new version of the other applications (which will require a move to the new licensing) but still be able to operate in Fledermaus.  For example, a Fledermaus and Qimera user with a blue Matrix dongle would need to exchange their blue dongle to get access to the new Qimera release.  So, we must provide a solution to this scenario by offering a version of Fledermaus that uses the same licensing system.

To ease concerns of those who are cautious about upgrading to a new major version, we have purposely chosen to not bring any new features with this release.  This minimizes the risk of workflow disruption to existing Fledermaus users.  For the same reason, we also have decided to keep maintenance improvements in this release to a bare minimum.  Only a small number of FMGT bug fixes are in this release, you can read about them below.

We will continue to offer maintenance releases on the 7.8 series while we finish our work for Fledermaus 8.0.  For Fledermaus users who do not use Qimera or QINSy, you do not necessarily need to upgrade to this release right away.  However, if you want to take advantage of future maintenance releases, you may want to consider preparing for a switch to 7.8.  If you are happy with your existing Fledermaus setup and you do not foresee needing maintenance updates, then there is no reason to switch to this release right away.

License Manager

To accompany our new licensing system, Fledermaus now shares a common License Manager with QINSy 8.18 and Qimera 1.6.  The License Manager is accessed from the Help menu in Fledermaus, but it can also be run standalone from the Windows Start Menu.

Use the new Knowledge Base document 'License Manager 1.0' to find out how to use the License Manager.

The licensing for Fledermaus 7.8 is not backwards compatible with earlier versions of the software. Once you switch to the new licensing (either HASP or Softlock), you will not be able to run earlier versions of Fledermaus.

If you download and install Fledermaus 7.8 without having a new dongle or activation code, you will find yourself in a position where you can longer run the software. In this case, you can always uninstall Fledermaus 7.8 and then download and re-install version Fledermaus 7.7.9. The Fledermaus 7.8 installer will, by default, overwrite your earlier version. Note that during the installation of version Fledermaus 7.8, you can choose to install it in a separate location from your previous installation to avoid the scenario that was just described.

Changes to License Contents

The old FlexLM based licensing system was based on individual features stored in the .LIC file. The new licensing system (for both HASP Dongles and Sofltocks) instead uses direct Products and Add-ons. This structure provides a clearer picture of what products and addons are part of your license. To help with the transition, the table below describes what Products and Add-ons come from each FM7 bundle. 

FlexLM Licensing

New Licensing
(7.8 and newer)

Product 1Product 2Add-on 1Add-on 2Add-on 3Add-on 4



FledermausQimera CleanFM7Hydro*

FledermausQimera CleanFM7Hydro*OffshoreBackscatterGIS

*FM7Hydro is a legacy add-on that enables the PFM, Area Based Editing, Crosscheck and 3DEditor capability in Fledermaus 7.8. 



  • Vertical Images, improvement in documentation to increase clarity on import and configuration workflows


  • Complete support of Norbit model numbers, previously some model numbers were unrecognized which would cause failures in processing.
  • Better handling of extreme absorption coefficient values in Kongsberg .all format.  The errors in the absorption coefficient came from online encoding errors in some cases.
  • Better handling of how WASSP backscatter is encoded when logged in QINSy.
  • Move to ping counter based packet lookup to help with dual head systems where ping times occur simultaneously.
  • Dual head S7K pairing improvements with HDCS.  Dual head pairing of S7K was previously not well supported for HDCS.
  • Improve handling of multi-spectral data sets with decimal places in the frequency field.  Previously FMGT was not correctly handling frequencies that were not integer values in kHz.
  • Fixed a bug where FMGT was incorrectly detecting a R2Sonic system as being dual head.
  • Improved the handling of ARA information when the system is constrained to narrow swath angle coverage. NOTE: ARA requires wide swath angle coverage.

Users, please be aware that there is an issue with the QPS blue dongles for users running the application in Mac OS 10.11 or higher or Linux. This is a known issue with the dongle manufacturer and we continue to work to find a solution.

The warning above is one of many reasons we have moved to a new licensing system. This warning still remains for users on these platforms using the Matrix dongles and we maintain this warning here for their information. Moving to Fledermaus 7.8 will rectify these issues.

Please refer to the information related to the  Fledermaus Platform Overview to make sure you can run our applications.

Mac OS users please note that we are having a known issue with the help documentation launching directly from the application. Rest assured that the help reference manual is getting installed as part of the application and you can get to it through the finder application.