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26 April 2018, We're pleased to present Fledermaus 7.8.3.

A licensing problem was found in 7.8.2 that prevented FMCommand (and cmdop) functionality from working. Version 7.8.3 was released to fix this problem.



    • LAS 1.4 and LAZ 1.4 files can now be imported into Fledermaus.
    • In Windows, Fledermaus, FMGT and FMMidwater will now use a discrete graphics card if available


  • FMGT now allows users to apply a dB shift corrector to accommodate differences in signal return level for EM2040 models of Kongsberg sonars.  A table of correctors can now be found in the processing configuration dialog.  There are slight differences in which correctors are valid for particular models of EM2040, these are highlighted in the table.  Default correctors are zero, thus this new capability does not affect users until they enter values and existing projects can continue without a change in resulting dB levels.
  • For pairing HDCS bathymetry with backscatter files in FMGT, we have changed the WARNING message about the auto-sync function time offset to be an INFO message.  The fact that it was a WARNING message was incorrect and it should have been an INFO message.  It was causing some users to think that there was a problem to be dealt with when if fact, it was reporting the result of a normal and routine operation.  The text of the message has been clarified as well.
  • In FMGT, we have relabeled the pixel "Compute" button to be "Re-compute pixel size" to make it clearer that it is not necessary to click this button.  Some users have been clicking this button under that the assumption that it was a necessary step.  This button should only be pressed if the user has decided to specify their own pixel size but they then change their mind and would like to revert to FMGTs recommended pixel size.

Technical Notes


    • Some Shapefiles were incomplete when imported into Fledermaus 64 bit, but complete in 32 bit. This has been fixed.
    • With certain geodetic settings, it was possible that a KMZ export was shifted slightly. This has been fixed.
    • Fixed a problem where KMZ exports were also blurred when compared to those of previous versions.
    • Tiff images can now be saved in DMagic as intended.


    • Fixed a problem where certain dual head s7k files were causing a crash.
    • Snippet data from a Reson T20P with multi-detect turned on will now process properly in FMGT.
    • FMGT now properly processes certain dual head Kongsberg 2040 data that is paired with HDCS files.

List of Changes and Updates to the License Manager

  • Fixed issue when using License Server on Windows, that all users on a PC will have permission to run the software and not just the logged on user who setup the connection.
  • Fixed issue when connecting to a License Server that you can specify Hostname or FQDN and not just IP address.
  • In the License Status dialog, can now view the Licence ID or Tag ID. Also added option to Copy that value.