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Fledermaus 7.8.8 Release

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FMGT and FMMidwater Installers

FMGT and FMMidwater now have their own installers, and are no longer included with the Fledermaus installer. A link to the separate installers can be found on the left hand side side of this page, or by following the links below:

FMGT 7.8.10 Release

FMMW 7.8.7 Release

June 5th, 2019.  We are pleased to present Fledermaus 7.8.8.  This is a maintenance release which would include bug fixes and small updates.  


  • Fledermaus now support Pure File Magic Version 6.40.


  • Fixed issue of PFM not saving large number of edits when working with areas with wide open spaces between data patches.


  • You can now batch export profiles to ASCII from a scene using FMCommand Profilestoascii.

List of Changes and Updates to the License Manager

  • License Manager has a version update to 1.7 to allocate updates of products list to allocate new QPS products.