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FMGT 7.8.5 Release

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We are pleased to present FMGT 7.8.5.

Technical Notes

  • Normalized Backscatter from Teledyne-Reson is now correctly supported for QINSy users who are pairing db/qpd files together in FMGT.

  • FMGT will now update the bounds as well as the mosaic memory when source files are un-checked and the "Re-compute pixel size" button is pressed.
  • Users can now adjust the angle range over which the Angle Varying Gain (AVG) is normalized.  A new option on the Filter tab of the Processing Parameters dialog allows selection of an Adaptive method (FMGT's previous default behavior) and a manual method.  In the manual method, the user can specify the angle range to user for AVG.  This capability is for users who collect data with very narrow swath widths and end up with little or no data at all in the normalization window of angles.
  • The messages that are generated when the user clicks on track lines in the map view have been updated to show the EM2040 pulse ping mode.  This is done in support of functionality in the previous release where users could input corrections for differing pulse modes for the EM2040.
  • FMGT will now allow users to import generic gridded data formats to serve as a Reference Grid.  This uses the "Import Gridded Data" wizard from Fledermaus and provides a workflow for users who have reference surfaces in formats other than Fledermaus .sd format.  Users will find a new entry in the File menu in FMGT to "Add Gridded Data".  When this is run, the user chooses their format, and FMGT will convert to .sd format and store the result in the FMGT project.  This reference grid is then used for backscatter corrections.

List of Changes and Updates to the License Manager

  • Each product has added option to set custom port number for license servers.
  • Fixed issue loading upgrade code for brand new dongles.