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FMGT 7.8.6 Release

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We are pleased to present FMGT 7.8.6. This is a maintenance release where we tackle bugs and small suggestions.  


  • It is now possible to export a floating point Geotiff from a merged tiled mosaic
  • The corrected backscatter export capability that was implemented in FMGT v7.6 has been augmented to also now also export a saturation flag.  Currently, FMGT can only report on saturation status for R2Sonic systems, even though other systems are known to be prone to saturation.  Saturation can occur when the sonar is operating with too high of a transmit power and/or too high of a receiver gain, resulting in an "over-driven" reception signal.  Data that are saturated are not generally usable.  FMGT already provides a general warning about the overall saturation level during processing in the Messages tab, this new capability allows processors to identify which beams are saturated in the ASCII processed backscatter export.  This capability is largely for users who export the processed backscatter for further processing in other seafloor characterization software, this new saturation flag will now allow them to exclude saturated data from further analysis.
  • Improved the multispectral export functionality user experience when exporting from a tiled mosaic
  • Improved the extraction of beam average when working with .DB/QPDs working with R2Sonics raw records.
  • FMGT is now able to pair XTF/HDCS dual-head files.

Technical Notes

  • Fixed issue of georeferencing when working with manual coordinates set up for NAD 27 Louisiana.
  • Improved handling of .s7k and HDCS data pairings that were causing a crash due to a corrupt snippet record.
  • FMGT now correctly handles the calculation of pulse width for the ensonified area correction for Norbit systems when a zero bandwidth is reported in the raw source file.  Previously, this scenario was not handled at all, resulting in data that could not be processed to the mosaic stage.  This improvement only affects users who would have run their systems in a manner such that a zero bandwidth pulse was used.  All other users who were able to successfully process their data will not be affected by this change and they will get results consistent with earlier versions.
  • Fixed issue with exporting multispectral image results from tiled mosaics of FMGT
  • Resolved issue with dual head GSF data causing a crash due to miss-handling missing intensity packets. 
  • Improved handling of .ALL data that has fewer seabed image datagrams than bathymetry which was causing indexing issues, resulting in gaps in the mosaic.

List of Changes and Updates to the License Manager

  • Fixed issue where License Manager did not show the correct number of seats available for NetHASP license
  • Fixed issue where pasting a HASP dongle upgrade code with line breaks or other whitespace caused it to be rejected