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FMGT 7.8.7 Release

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December 19th, 2018. We are pleased to present FMGT 7.8.7. This is a maintenance release where we tackle bugs and small suggestions.  


  • FMGT now has a Pixel edit dialog that allows adjustment of mosaic and statistics pixel sizes. This will automatically clear the appropriate processing flags after editing.
  • Improved AVG correction to handle working with an XTF that contains no altitude.
  • Improved merged GSF process for Kongsberg data to set the proper mosaic pixel resolution using the pulse length.
  • Improved dual head .s7k/HSDS pairing logic to catch incorrect sonar head enumerators.
  • Fixed a bug where dual head GSF files were not properly detecting which head the head bias value should be applied, for Kongsberg systems.
  • Improved Kongsberg backscatter corrections for GSF files.
  • FMGT will now detect FM waveforms for Reson systems and apply a default pulse bandwidth of 15 kHz when necessary.  FM waveforms are typically used for dual-head installations.  Previously, users would need to configure this value manually.
  • Improvements handling Normalized Backscatter (record type 7058), when working with Norbit data.
  • Fixed issue where source files would lose their Coordinate Reference System after a FMGT project was moved to another location on disk.
  • Fixed backscatter adjustment tool to refresh all mosaic tiles after making an adjustment.
  • Improvements for user interface and documentation supported formats handling for FMGT.
  • FMGT now provides processing messages for which files are currently being processed in the progress dialog.
  • FMGT now provides the actual sonar ping and beam number in the backscatter ASCII export.  Prior to this, the ping number was relative to the beginning of the file.

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List of Changes and Updates to the License Manager

  • There are no changes for the License Manager.