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FMGT 7.8.9 Release

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February 14, 2019 - We are pleased to present FMGT 7.8.9. This is a maintenance release where we tackle bugs and small suggestions.  


  • If a reference grid is used in the mosaic process, the mosaic will now be automatically clipped to the bounds of the reference grid.
  • It is now possible to pair HDCS/R2S files that only contain beam average (no snippet packets), allowing processing of the files that don't have snippets.
  • If pairing .ALL and HDCS files from a sub-surface vehicle (AUV, ROV...) an option is provided in the pairing dialog to "Get Z Value" from the HDCS or snippet file (.ALL). If the HDCS file is providing depths from the surface, you will have to select Get Z Value from snippet file. This allows you to use the cleaning from the HDCS Processed Depths, but uses the correct Z (depth) value from the .ALL which is needed by FMGT to compute the correct grazing angle for backscatter corrections (the depth value needs to be from the sonar face).
  • Fixed issue appearing as sector stripes due to differences in the backscatter intensities between the sectors, this was addressed by referring to sonar relative depths.
  • Improvements to the pairing of HDCS processed depth files with XTF files with dual-head for Reson and R2Sonics.

List of Changes and Updates to the License Manager

  • There are no changes for the License Manager.