Qastor 2.50.2018.02.01.1 Release

Release Date

21 February 2018

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We're pleased to present Qastor 2.50.2018.02.01.1

What's new in this version 

Qastor software is continuously being improved and new features are added. Many of these improvements are not transparent to the user, but have been implemented to create a smoother and faster navigation system. This page includes a summary of the changes made.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get into contact.

  • This release is intended to solve some bugs and does not add new functionality to the program.

  • Previously, the Release Notes could be downloaded just like the various versions of Qastor. Now they can be viewed directly via our website. From there they can be downloaded as well if you need them for offline use. 

  • Most documents from the Qastor Knowledge Base as delivered with Qastor have been placed online too and can be viewed without the need to start Qastor.


As an alternative to hardlock licensing, it is possible from Qastor version 2.50.2017.07.07.1 onward to use a softlock license instead of a HASP USB/PCMCIA based license for Qastor.
The softlock license is based on a digital fingerprint of the local computer on which Qastor is installed.

This has been a request from users especially regarding water tightness of equipment or compliancy with ATEX ratings.

When setting up Qastor for the first time and no HASP hard lock key is found, Qastor will automatically open up a new window providing the option to enter a softlock license (received from QPS Sales).

Most Important: an internet connection is compulsory (initially as part of the softlock license activation process, and occasionally as part of the ongoing validation of the softlock license). This is a significant change to license behavior compared to HASP licenses.
Refer to the Qastor Knowledge Base - How-to Upgrade a Dongle/Softlock - Qastor 2.50 for further information.

Please contact your regional Qastor sales agent or QPS Sales for further details about change over from hardlock licenses to this new softlock option.

Also, from the Qastor Help menu, the HASP LOADER utility can now be started for license administration. Previously one had to know where to find the Hasp Loader in the Windows menu options.

Start the Hasp Loader and Softlock options via the Help - License option at the top of the Qastor screen

Qastor Move IOS application phase out

Qastor Move is a companion to the Qastor desktop application that allows you to view essential vessel navigation information on your IOS mobile device.

Qastor Move for IOS is a 32 bit application.

32 bit apps will no longer be supported by IOS from version 11 onward. IOS 11 was officially released by Apple on the 19th of September 2017.

Qastor Move will not be visible in the Apple App Store searching with an IOS 11 or newer device.

Qastor Move (for older 32 bit, pre- IOS 11 devices) will be withdrawn from the App Store on 28 February 2018.

The successor of this IOS app is the Qastor Move web application which has been part of Qastor as of version 2.50.2016.03.04.1 .

The advantage of this new extension app is that it is platform independent and only requires a connection to Qastor and the ability to show a web page.

See for more information on how to set up and use this app in the online Qastor Knowledge Base at: How-to Qastor Move Web Application

JIRA issues solved

SQA-1762Transit setup popup keeps coming up
SQA-1765Route convertor error message
SQA-1773Depth presentation at different water levels
SQA-1778Qastor now doesn`t display the vessel`s speed when over 10 kts
SQA-1780After initiating Qastor, the AIS copy own vessel page does not close after selecting copy to own vessel
QA-3291Drop down menu selection speed Windows 10

Not all issues may be accessible due to JIRA security levels, please contact QPS for more info in this case.