Qastor 2.50.2018.12.10.1 Release

Release Date

14 December 2018

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We're pleased to present Qastor 2.50.2018.12.10.1

What's new in this version 

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This version replaces Qastor 2.50.2018.11.22.1.

The newly introduced NTRIP client in Qastor did not always retrieve the mount point table necessary to select an RTK correction stream from the NTRIP Caster.

This was caused by some NTRIP Casters always requiring a login and password combination, even for accessing the mount point table.

This has been fixed in this update release.

All other functionality of this release has remained the same as Qastor version 2.50.2018.11.22.1.

Qastor software is continuously being improved and new features are added. Many of these improvements are not transparent to the user, but have been implemented to create a smoother and faster navigation system. This page includes a summary of the changes made.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get into contact.

  • This release is mainly intended to solve bugs.

  • Previously, the Release Notes could be downloaded just like the various versions of Qastor. Now they can be viewed directly via our website. From there they can be downloaded as well if you need them for offline use. 

  • Most documents from the Qastor Knowledge Base as delivered with Qastor have been placed online too and can be viewed without the need to start Qastor.

NTRIP client

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NTRIP client (Networked Transport of RTCM via Internet Protocol) can be used to receive RTK RTCM corrections for improvement of the GNSS position of a navigation device.

An external NTRIP program is not necessary anymore, connection to an NTRIP caster can be made directly from within Qastor and relayed to a compatible navigation receiver.

NTRIP client setup is available in Qastor Communication Setup:

Read the inline Qastor Help to find out more about the settings to enter.

Connect server based settings of navigation devices

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Some navigation devices are not accurate enough to carry out docking operations with.

To prevent users from using an inaccurate positioning device, the local Connect server can transmit an auto_Qastor_deviceconfiguration file.
This file contains the devices in use by the local pilots, plus settings to indicate whether certain navigation modes will be available for selection in the Communication Setup menu.

The administrator of the local Connect server can adjust the settings file according to the needs in their certain work area.

The device in use is selected when the trip starts. A drop down menu shows the devices as available in the device configuration file, for example:

Depending on the device selected, the Mode menu in the tool bar will show the available navigation modes:

Mode menu when accurate positioning is availableMode menu when no accurate positioning is available

JIRA issues solved

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QA-3485RTK Ntrip client - newly added to Qastor
QA-3332Crash when creating a new project
QA-3335Tandem info missing in Squire website
QA-33390,0 position used for tide interpolation if change in Transit menu is made
QA-3353Warn user when trying to open route in a newer QRO format
QA-3354Add option to disable filtering
QA-3355ROT value of ADX DUO (NMEA mode) filtering unusable
QA-3359Add (visible) observations for raw heading and ROT
QA-3361Item name changes in Qastor menus
LIB-772Invalid date causing crash of license component

Not all issues may be accessible due to JIRA security levels. Please contact QPS for more info in this case.