Qastor 2.50.2019.04.02.1 Release

Release Date

04 April 2019

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We're pleased to present Qastor 2.50.2019.04.02.1

What's new in this version 

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This is a minor bug fix release of Qastor 2.5

This Qastor version supersedes Qastor  2.50.2019.03.05.1. It fixes a problem regarding the use of softlocks with Qastor. Other than this there is no change in functionality between these two versions of the program.

Qastor software is continuously being improved and new features are added. Many of these improvements are not transparent to the user, but have been implemented to create a smoother and faster navigation system. This page includes a summary of the changes made.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get into contact.

  • This release is mainly intended to solve bugs.

  • Previously, the Release Notes could be downloaded just like the various versions of Qastor. Now they can be viewed directly via our website. From there they can be downloaded as well if you need them for offline use. 

  • Most documents from the Qastor Knowledge Base as delivered with Qastor have been placed online too and can be viewed without the need to start Qastor.

JIRA issues solved

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SQA-1896ENC charts displaying grey areas at certain zoom levels
SQA-1935Qastor crashes when a DUKC overlay is only partially downloaded
SQA-1948bENC impacting performance of Qastor
SQA-1968Qastor startup with softlock license

Not all issues may be accessible due to JIRA security levels. Please contact QPS for more info in this case.