Qimera 1.6.1 Release

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13 March 2018, We're pleased to present Qimera 1.6.1


  • This release includes support for Softlock Server licensing.
  • The TU Delft Sound Speed Inversion add-on is now functional for Qimera Clean users coming from QINSy 8.18.  Previously this was only available with the raw sonar processing capabilities in Qimera.
  • We also now offer Mac and Linux installers for the 1.6 series.
  • The water column side viewer now responds to the A,S,D,W "gamer" keyboard shortcut movement keys to pan around, but with the use of the Shift key modifier (these keys also move the swath ping buffer forward and backward).  This allows users to zoom in to areas of interest from the full side stacked view and they can pan around with keyboard shortcuts.
  • The TPU blocking settings have been augmented to match capabilities available in QINSy.  Previously, users could Block soundings that exceeded a fixed TPU value in their chosen survey units.  Now they can choose to have the blocking be done against a particular survey standard, like IHO Order 1.

  • Further along the lines of supporting more QINSy configurations, Qimera now allows you to set the heave latency separately from the roll, pitch and heading values for an orientation system.  This is a configuration that derives from some sensor drivers in QINSy, this is now matched in Qimera.  Users will find an additional "Heave Delay" field in the vessel configuration.  For QINSy users, this will be populated automatically as is done for all other sensors parameters.  For other formats, the field will be present but will be populated with a zero value by default.
  • Following up on our commitment in our most recent webinar, we have implemented TWO of the top voted Feedback issues.  We had just a little bit of development time left after the webinar, so we perused the Top Ten most voted items and we found a few easy wins that could be accomplished in the time frame between the Webinar and the release date of Qimera 1.6.2.
    • FQM-54 - Dynamic Surface: Enable removing a source file from multiple surfaces at once (6 votes)
      • This is handy when you have a few odd files, like cross lines, that might appear in multiple surfaces.  You can now right-click on these files and choose to remove them from All Dynamic Surfaces
    • FQM-16 - File Table dock: All selected files should have their tickboxes changed together (5 votes)
      • This makes the file table behavior consistent with the project source tree in that the visibility checkboxes will all toggle at the same time for a selected group of items.

Technical Notes

  • Editors and Viewers
    • The Watercolumn Dock will now have a default colormap set for new installations on a PC.
    • Activating the Side View in the Watercolumn Dock will no longer cause a crash in OS/X.
    • Fixed a bug caused by a change in 1.6.0 that slowed the refresh rates in the 3D Editor.
    • The Slice Editor will no longer cause Qimera to freeze.
  • QINSy DB related
    • Certain DB / QPD pairs were not having the Object Track extracted successfully. This has been fixed.
    • Fixed a problem with certain ED50 transformations coming from QINSy DBs.
    • Qimera will now provide an additional warning for newly imported QINSy DB files that contain a different DB setup than those previously imported.
  • Importing
    • Caris SVPs that are missing a position or date/time will now come into Qimera correctly.
    • HSX files containing datagrams with the incorrect numbers of beams will now come into Qimera without problems.
  • Exporting
    • Contours exported to DXF now have the correct heights for each contour.
    • Fixed a problem where Dynamic Surface exports to Surface weren't working if the file path contained certain characters.
    • Improved surface export workflow to now correctly prompt user if an pre-existing file is found with same name.
    • Depths in GSF files exported from Qimera will now have a precision of 3 decimal places for shallow soundings.
    • GSF exports now correctly include the calculated TPU values for each sounding.
  • Miscellaneous
    • User created S-57 objects were in the wrong location in projects defined with an OSGB coordinate reference system. This has been fixed.
    • Slow install times for Qimera 1.6.0 have been remedied.
    • Qimera will no longer run into memory issues when processing large numbers of files that contain an MBES that uses a barrel array.