Qimera 1.6.2 Release

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24 April 2018, We're pleased to present Qimera 1.6.2


  • LAZ / LAS: It is now possible to export LAZ or LAS files directly from Qimera.
  • The Cross Check tool is now available in Qimera Clean. It previously required Qimera or Qimera Pro.
  • A Qimera Voting Project item has been implemented: It is now possible to specify a time or ping in the Swath Editor. The swath editor will then jump to that ping / time. The jump in time will work between files.
  • Updated translations: We have updated the translations to cover the new functionality and interface changes made for Qimera 1.6.
  • Qimera now supports Kongsberg kmall water column data from .kmwcd files. Prior to this, the kmall water column needed be logged in the .kmall file.
  • Qimera now supports reading of LAS version 1.4 for processed point files. Omniview will also support loading those files.
  • Geopick table entries are now saved automatically and will be available the next time the project is opened.
  • Improvements have been made to some graphical elements in the Activity Log and Editors.
  • In Windows, Qimera will now automatically use a discrete graphics card, if available.
  • The default adjacent line time setting in the Processing Settings has been increased to 2 seconds to improve interpolation in some scenarios.

Technical Notes

  • The QINSy DB format was modified in several areas for 8.18.0. One change was overlooked and can cause Qimera to fail to read the DB: If a USBL system is defined in a DB either logged or upgraded by QINSy 8.18.0 or later, Qimera 1.6.2 will be required to process the data.
  • Patch Test Tool

    • The internal sonar offsets that accommodate for the small distances between sonar elements in some Kongsberg shallow water models of sonars were not correctly applied in the patch test tool.  This would result in slight roll offset residual errors after running the patch test tool.  These offsets are applied normally during standard calculations when processing data, thus normal processing has been correct, the update in this release only affects the evaluation of the patch test correctors, particularly the roll offset. The order of magnitude can be a little more than a 1/10th of a degree.

    • The Patch Test and Wobble Tools have received numerous improvements to increase performance.
    • With multi-head data, the Patch Test Tool wasn't allowing for offset values to be saved if only the second head was activated. This has been fixed.
  • Raw Sonar files & Imports
    • Geotiffs with transparent backgrounds were displaying the background as black, this has been fixed and the backgrounds will be transparent as expected.
    • JSF files with heading in the position datagram instead of the attitude datagram will now work correctly.
    • ASCII processed points that were brought in with TPUs were having those TPUs adjusted inappropriately when creating a CUBE surface. This has been fixed.
  • Water Column
    • Water column side view caching now works as intended. This will speed up the display of the side view when changing from line to line.
    • Fixed a crash that occurred when a .wcd file was located in a different folder than the .all file and included via mapping.
  • Miscellaneous
    • ENC preferences will now be remembered correctly when restarting Qimera.
    • In certain circumstances, in multi-vessel projects, vessel configuration settings were being overwritten. This has been fixed.
    • Checked area flags will no longer have a slight offset from the selections used to create them.

List of Changes and Updates to the License Manager:

  • Fixed issue when using License Server on Windows, that all users on a PC will have permission to run the software and not just the logged on user who setup the connection.
  • Fixed issue when connecting to a License Server that you can specify Hostname or FQDN and not just IP address.
  • In the License Status dialog, can now view the Licence ID or Tag ID. Also added option to Copy that value.