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How-To Fledermaus - Create a Points object by selecting locations in your Scene

You can create a Points object by selecting locations on a DTM SD or Image SD in your Scene.  The points can also be labeled as part of this process.  These directions were written for Fledermaus Version 7.4.0.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Open Fledermaus.
  2. Load a DTM SD or Image to your Scene.
  3. Select the Geo-Picking tab to expose the geo-picking table.
  4. Change your mouse mode to Select Mode (S Hotkey or click on Select Mode button in the Control Bar).
  5. Make a single left click on the DTM surface or image at a location you would like to mark.  This location will be added to the geo-picking table.
  6. Optionally, you can double click in the Label/Action field of the geo-picking table and type a label for the location.
  7. If desired, continue using Select mode to click on the surface or image, adding additional points to your surface.
  8. When you have finished selecting your points, select Table Action > Create Points Object.
  9. A new object called Internal Points will be added to the Data Sets list for your scene.  Adjust the Point Size, Label Size, and Point Offset if necessary to make your labels visible.
  10. Save the Scene (File > Save Scene) or save the Internal Points object (right click on object, Save Object As) to write the new object to disk.

Additional points locations can be added to the geo-picking table, labels can be added, or rows can be deleted prior to creating the Points object.  Once the Internal Points object is created, it can not be edited.

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