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Command Line Operations

The following is a list of all the available command-line programs with a quick description. More detailed information for each command-line program can be obtained by running cmdop [program name] -h from a command line.

Colormap Tools

cmapinfoList the colors in a standard Fledermaus colormap file.
mkcmapBuilds a standard Flederamus colormap.
rgbconvConverts ascii RGB data to ascii HSV color data.

Imagery Related

geotoutmimageRe-projects a geographic image file to UTM.
merctogeoimageConvert a mercator projected tif image to a geographic referenced tif image.
setboundsAdd georeferencing to make a TIFF into a GeoTIFF image.
tmtogeoimageConverts an image in TM or UTM coordinates to an image in Geo coordinates.
tmtoutmimageConverts an image in TM coordinates to an image in UTM coordinates.

TDR Utilities

tdrappendAppends the data blocks from the listed TDR files to a new output TDR file.
tdrcontentsSummary of the data blocks in a given TDR file.
tdrextractExtracts a data block from a TDR file.
tdrinfoDisplays information about the data blocks in a TDR file.
tdrmergeConcatenate the data from multiple TDR files into one TDR file.

Surface Operations 

surfacecontourCreate a 3D line file containing the contouring of a surface.
surfacediffCompares two surfaces.
surfaceextractExtracts an area from a surface and writes that area to a new file.


listcoordsysSearch for coordinate systems.
projectptsProjects points.
resamplerResamples DTM and image data with a variety of filters.