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Fledermaus Space Time Notes Dock

Space Time Notes Dock

Space Time Notes

Space time notes are picked XYZ points on your surfaces, they can be used to select features or to create views for presentation

Add Note  

Adding a new note will create a selection on the the surface with an X,Y and Z co-ordinate

Show Markers   

This option switches on and off the marker display on the surface

Marker Displayed on Surface

Space Time Note Display Table

The table will display all the notes in the scene, with their ID, position, time (if applicable) whether there is an associated view and the label. If there is a label included this will also be displayed on the surface.  

Space Time Note Table 

Label Displayed on Surface with Marker 

Right Click Menu

Once you have selected a Space Time Note it is possible to bring up more options using the Right Click 

Right Click Menu

  • Center in View; This option will re-centre the screen on the selected Space Time Note
  • Save Current View; This option will override the saved view with the currently selected one
  • Add to Presentation; This will add the Space Time Note, with its information and view to the Slides Dock 
  • Remove...; This will remove the selected Space Time Notes 

More Actions 

The More Actions drop down menu allows Space Time Notes to be imported and exported to an Ascii text file.

More Actions drop down menu

  • Import from ASCII; This will allow you to select the required file and will launch the ascii parsing engine to bring the data into your scene 
  • Export to ASCII; This will export all selected Space Time Notes to an ASCII text format with the header X, Y, Z, Date-time, Label, Notes. 


Text can be added to the Notes section, if the Space time notes are exported to Ascii then the Notes will also be exported, they can also be imported from an ascii file.

Notes Window