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Fledermaus Visual Objects, Operations, & Exports

Fledermaus supports many different types of objects which can be loaded for visualization and analysis. When an object file is loaded it is added to the scene object dock. Each object has a visual presentation in the main display, properties that show up in the properties dock, attributes in the attributes panel that affect how the object is displayed, right click operations that can be done on the object, and right click export options if the object supports any exports. Finally there is also a data viewing panel which for some objects shows a window of textual information related to the object's internal data. For example for point cloud objects it shows the actual point data information. 

Here is an example the shows these various areas. Whenever you select and object from the scene object control the attribute panel will update to show attributes that are relevant to that object type. The property dock and supplemental data viewing dock will immediately update as well to show relevant information. The object's operations and exports can be accessed by right clicking on the object. The information in the property panel and the attributes also work when you select multiple objects from the scene control. The attribute panel will show any attributes that the object's have in common and make it easy to change the properties of multiple objects in one operation. 

The right-click menu for objects contains the following options:

  • Operations
  • Exports
    • Exports from an object.
  • Create Group from Selection...
    • Group together objects
  • Save Selected...
    • Save any changes to the object to disk
  • Rename...
    • Rename the object
  • Remove...
    • Remove the selected object(s) from the scene.  A checkbox can be set to also remove the object from disk.

Click on the individual objects below for detailed information about them along with specific attributes, operations, and exports.

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