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Should I transition to Fledermaus 8?

Currently, Fledermaus 8 is still growing in functionality. To fully understand if you should transition or not to Fledermaus 8, you could explore Fledermaus 8.0.0 - Transitions from Fledermaus v7 to help guide you. Ultimately, you can reach out to our customer support service and have a conversation with one of the QPS Team members.

Where can I download the Fledermaus 8 Mac and Linux installers?

Fledermaus 8.x has been released for Windows only. Mac and Windows installers are still getting worked on. Stay tuned for future releases. If you have a specific need for this installers, please contact us.

What are the hardware and systems recommendations to run Fledermaus 8?

You can find the hardware and system recommendations to run Fledermaus 8 in the Technical Information online document. It details the hardware required and recommended specifications to work with the application.