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Should I transition to Fledermaus 8?

Currently, Fledermaus 8 is still growing in functionality. To fully understand if you should transition or not to Fledermaus 8, you could explore Fledermaus 8.0.0 - Transitions from Fledermaus v7 to help guide you. Ultimately, you can reach out to our customer support service and have a conversation with one of the QPS Team members.

Where can I download the Fledermaus 8 Mac and Linux installers?

Fledermaus 8.x has been released for Windows only. Mac and Windows installers are still getting worked on. Stay tuned for future releases. If you have a specific need for this installers, please contact us.

What are the hardware and systems recommendations to run Fledermaus 8?

You can find the hardware and system recommendations to run Fledermaus 8 in the Technical Information online document. It details the hardware required and recommended specifications to work with the application.

What version of ArcGIS - ESRI does Fledermaus support?

Currently, Fledermaus 8 Supports all the versions of ArcGIS desktop from 10.4.x. Users should be aware that they need to install ArcGIS Desktop and background geoprocessing executables before attempting to to use the GIS add-on available for Fledermaus. For Fledermaus 7, 32 bit installation is it supported up to ArcGIS 10.4.1 and there are version dependencies that are explained in the following link. ArcGIS Pro is not a version that is actively supported at the moment. We encourage you to contact the Support and Product Management teams to request support for such version.