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Fledermaus 7.10.1 – FMGT Release

14 March 2022

We are pleased to present FMGT 7.10.1.


  • Custom CRS creation when creating a FMGT project
  • Dual head Kongsberg kmall support
  • Multi-Frequency Kongsberg kmall support
  • HDCS - KMALL pairing support, including dual head
  • Added an option to treat the HDCS suppressed flag as rejected during HDCS pairing
  • Reson T-51 sonar support
  • Added a file counter to the processing messages to show processing progress


  • Processing / Source Files
    • Added support for mosaicing transducers with a 90 degree heading offset
    • Fixed an issue where un-checking the reference grid, clearing the coverage flag and re-mosaicing would lead to an empty mosaic
  • Tools and Editors
    • Fixed an issue where the cascading backscatter normalization tool values were not being saved when creating a new mosaic with a smaller mosaic cell size than what was originally computed
    • Added a new prompt when closing the cascading backscatter normalization tool with un-saved edits
  • Importing / Exporting
    • Fixed an issue when pairing dual head Reson T50 with HDCS where the max beams listed in the HDCS metadata was 1999 vs the actual 1024 beams
    • Fixed an issue when pairing dual head Reson T50 / T20 with system enumerators of 1 and 2. This error was shown as a Merge matching failed time lookup for ping: nnnn warning message and FMGT would only extract one head.
    • Fixed a crash when exporting source file beam details when the source file was un-checked
  • Other
    • Added a warning when selecting a project CRS that is non-meter based


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