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Fledermaus 7.8.11 Release

27 October 2020

We are pleased to present Fledermaus 7.8.11.  Read below for details.


  • This release focuses on a set of bug fixes and targeted improvements for the Vessel Manager portion of Fledermaus.
  • As a reminder, FMGT and FMMidwater now have their own installers and release schedules, and are no longer included with the Fledermaus installer.

Bugs and Improvements

  • When displaying a vessel location from Vessel Manager for a long time (over two hours) the Scene will no longer have degraded rendering. This was fixed by limiting the number of locations stored in the history. A warning message will be displayed on the Key Frame tab in Fledermaus, when exceeding the max buffer.

  • Vessel Manager now displays key frames in real time units when reading from NMEA data.
  • When using the vessel track import, Heading (and roll/pitch) are now decoded from the log file.
  • When you select a vessel in Vessel Manager, the time is now shown in hours, minutes, and seconds. Previously it was only displayed in seconds. 
  • The default interpretation of pitch for custom strings was changed to be positive up. This fixes inconsistencies with other methods of importing navigation data into Fledermaus (ie. the Import > Navigation track option).

  •  Added a checkbox option when playing data via Vessel Manager to switch the pitch interpretation back to negative up, just in case people happen to have setups that expect this way of functioning.

  • Fixed a bug where the Invert Z option was not being read properly from the settings file.


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