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Fledermaus 7.9.3 – FMGT Release

18 February 2020

We're pleased to present FMGT version 7.9.3.  Read below for details.


  • FMGT now support Kmall file format for EM712 systems.


  • Fixed issue with coverage estimations for dual head GSFs, where coverage was only in the overlapping area of the two heads. This has been fixed by looking at the max across track for each head and using that to determine which head is port and starboard.
  • Fixed issue with specific lines not fully mosaicing. This occurred when a sonar was using a very small pulse length for the depth of water.

  • Fixed crash caused by exporting the one merged floating point geotiff.  
  • Fixed issue with georeferencing of the first tile of the one merged floating point geotiff becoming corrupted, now exports correctly.
  • Corrected issue with merging the HDCS and S7K files, which fixed resulting outer beam noise in the mosaic.
  • Fixed coverage issue for dual head systems when one head is fully flagged with invalid beams.
  • Improved indexing of S7K files, to handle potential or actual corruption of the files. 
  • Fixed GSF/R2Sonic pairing when snippet records are missing at the start of the file. This fixes the following error message that occurred in this specific situation: "ERROR: Invalid sensor ID for GSF processing".


  • If you are a Caris/QPS workflow please read this information as QPS products do not currently support Caris 11 Licensing.


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