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Fledermaus 7.9.5 – FMGT Release

19 October 2020

We are pleased to present FMGT 7.9.5


  • New options to choose custom geodetic configurations from Qimera GSFs during import. You can read more about this on this page.


  • AVG
    • AVG filtering will now be treated the same for port and starboard sides of the swath. Previously, all outer beams (by default, greater than 45 degrees from nadir) were processed beam to beam, starting from port. After this change, the AVG algorithm will process from outer beams towards inner beams for both sides. This change will produce slight differences in AVG filtering results in the outer beams of the starboard side. Some data may also see a little bit of extra data on the outer fringes of the starboard side.
  • Mosaic
    • Fixed problem introduced in v7.9.4 for dual-head data coming from Hypack pairing where pings would intermittently drop
    • Fixed issue with source files that were completely flagged. Those files will no longer cause mosaicing to fail, instead, they will be skipped.
    • Fixed issue with filling gaps between lines in the mosaic when the Cascading Backscatter Normalization Tool was run
  • Importing / Exporting
    • XTF files for EdgeTech sidescan systems now working correctly, previously this system was not correctly recognized
    • DB/QPD pairing for R2Sonic data with beam average data now works correctly without using Custom Override settings, previously this only worked if snippets data was recorded
    • Fixed problem with coverage calculation of dual head R2Sonic data collected in Qinsy where port/starboard pings were not correctly distinguished, resulting in incorrect coverage and thus reduced mosaic coverage
    • Floating point geotiff exports of mosaics now report the correct metadata range associated with the data
    • Wording in menus for import of reference grids has been clarified to make clear the difference between adding a Fledermaus .sd SonarDTM or importing a third party interchange format
    • Improved warning text for export of processed backscatter info to help direct users towards the correct setting to enable processed backscatter data
  • Tools
    • The Line Backscatter Adjustment tool will now inherit the mosaic histogram stretch so the mosaic contrast in the tool is the same as it was in the main project


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