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Fledermaus 8.0.0 Release

26 September 2019

We are pleased to present Fledermaus version 8.0.0! This release is the result of many years of rebuilding the core components of the Fledermaus application, and sets a new foundation for us to build on. It also optimizes the main Fledermaus functionality and adds new capability based on many years of feedback from our users.

For Fledermaus 7 users, please read the transition guide to learn about how Fledermaus 7 and 8 can work together, and the transition of certain functionality.

Acquire, Process & Analyze

This release brings Fledermaus fully into the QPS workflow, with a direct support for QPS projects and file formats!

Fledermaus 8 incorporates many feedback items from customers but was started before the QPS feedback project. With this release Fledermaus will now join the other QPS projects in fully using the feedback projects. Please provide feedback and vote on items of interest!

For more information see also Voting System Policy and Using the feedback project


  • New 3D Rendering Engine
  • Direct support for Qinsy and Qimera Projects
  • Analysis in 4D Scenes using Space-Time Notes
  • Automated flight path generation
  • Dedicated Presentation and Reporting Tools
  • New high resolution mesh objects and mesh creation
  • New User Interface
  • Native support for QPS formats such as QPD, QGF, and dynamic surfaces
  • New Geodetic User Interface and Capability
  • Integrated Video Player