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Fledermaus 8.0.0 - Important Notes


Existing Fledermaus users with a license that is under maintenance will be able to install and run Fledermaus 8 alongside Fledermaus 7, using the same license.  No changes to the license configuration have been made with this release.

64-Bit Only

Going forward, Fledermaus 8 will be released only as a 64-bit package. Fledermaus 7 has a 32-bit version only to support the ESRI GDB connections. With this technology being rebuilt and 64-bit ready in FM8, there is no longer a reason for us to release FM8 as a 32-bit version.

Linux and Mac

Fledermaus 8 has been built to support Linux and Mac versions, however the first 8.0.0 release will be Windows only. We will release versions for Mac and Linux within a few months of the FM8 release.


The Fledermaus installer will install by default into sub-directories with the version name under the typical install path, which is usually C:\Program Files\QPS\Fledermaus.  This allows multiple installations quite easily and follows the trend that Qinsy has been using for some time.  Users with Fledermaus 7.X already installed will find that Fledermaus 8 will install into the Fledermaus 7 directory, but in the 8.0.0 sub-directory of the Fledermaus 7 installation folder.

QPS Project and file format versions

Fledermaus 8 uses all new formats for Scenes and data objects. Please see the section on transitions from Fledermaus 7 for more details.

Functionality and Applications from Fledermaus v7

There are also significant changes in what applications are included in the Fledermaus 8 package. Please see the section on transition from Fledermaus 7 for more detials.

Support for Fledermaus v7

Fledermaus 8 is continuation of the new alignment of products and applications that we started with the launch of Qimera. This release sets a new foundation for Fledermaus to grow and support new and existing workflows. Some of these transitions will take time, so not all functionality from Fledermaus 7 will be available in the first versions of Fledermaus 8. As a result, QPS will continue to support Fledermaus v7 until the remaining functionality from v7 has been migrated into Fledermaus v8 (or other QPS products). Once this migration is complete, QPS will announce an end of life for the v7 products. During this transition period, Fledermaus users can run v7 and v8 side-by-side.

For users of functionality that has not yet been migrated to Fledermaus v8, it is best to continue working with v7 until the transition has been completed. Users are encouraged to try Fledermaus 8 either way.