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Fledermaus 8.0.0 - Transitions from Fledermaus v7

Fledermaus v8 is a major release that involves a number of changes in the applications and functionality previously bundled with Fledermaus v7. These changes are both to support the new role in the full QPS product suite, and to establish a solid platform for future growth.

Data Objects, File Formats, and Scenes


One of the biggest changes in formats for Fledermaus 8 is in how Scenes function. Historically a Fledermaus scene was all inclusive, with all data stored within a single file. Although a single Scene file has some advantages, it has limitations in regards to scalability when working with many large objects. With the introduction of streaming from disk objects and direct Qinsy/Qimera project support in Fledermaus 8, it was no longer feasible to use a single all encompassing scene. As a result Fledermaus 8 introduces a new lightweight QScene format (.qscene) that stores scene settings, space-time notes, and other parameters, but only links to the actual data objects. As a result a Fledermaus 8 scene on disk will always be one .qscene file and a collection of data files, one for each object in the scene.

Some advantages of the new lightweight scenes are:

  • More scalable for large data sets
  • Multiple scenes can be created with the same set of data objects
  • Easier to build on top of a QPS project

SD Objects

Historically all Fledermaus data objects had the same extension of .SD, no matter what the actual data type was. With the adoption of native support for .QPD, .QGF, and .surface files, Fledermaus 8 SD objects now all have individual extensions. The following table explains the transition of each object type:

Fledermaus 7 ObjectFledermaus 8 ObjectNew Extension
SonarDTM SurfaceGRID5 Surface.surface
ScalarGRID5 Scalar.scalar
GeoimageGRID5 Geoimage.image
Midwater BeamMWBeam.mwbeam
Midwater FanMWFan.mwfan
Solid ModelSolid Model.model
Vertical CurtainVertical Curtain.vcurtain
Grid LinesGrid Lines.gridlines

*Pipeline object support will be added after the first 8.0.0 release

SD and Scene Conversion

When a Fledermaus 7 scene or SD file is opened in Fledermaus 8, the upgrade dialog will be displayed. Each object will then be upgraded to the new format, leaving the original FM7 files alone. For scene files, a new .qscene file is created and each object will be upgraded and saved as a new standalone object.

FMGT and FMMidwater

The FMGT and FMMidwater applications are now released and versioned independently of Fledermaus. Your license will still work the same way, however you need to download and install the applications separately from Fledermaus. In the future functionality from each application will be moving more directly into Fledermaus and Qimera.

Removed and Significantly Changed Functionality


Spherical Rendering Mode

The spherical display is a special render mode that has been used a lot less than the standard render modes. In addition it did not have full feature parity with the standard rendering modes. For now there is no immediate plan to support this in FM8, however this will be evaluated for future releases.
Graphical object transformation toolsThe graphical transformation tools allowed an object to be manipulated in 3D space. However they were difficult to use for a lot of object types and with larger scenes. This functionality is being evaluated and will return in better form in an upcoming release.
Keyframe SystemAlthough powerful, the keyframe system in FM7 was difficult to use and hard to expand with new features. Fledermaus 8 has completely new approach to animation and movie creation with automated flightpaths and the new presentation tools
Area Based Editing / PFM

All functionality for editing and processing points has moved over to the Qimera application. Note that all existing users who purchased an FMHydro and FMPro license have access to the Qimera Clean application as the new location for point editing

Contact to upgrade your licensing to enable Qimera Clean

External Video PlayerVideo playback has been moved directly into the main application to allow for a better integrated experience
View ManagerThe View Manager functionality has been completely replaced and enhanced by the new Space Time Notes system which goes beyond just recording view
GeopickingThe GeoPicking functionality has also moved into the Space Time Notes system, as well as the new annotation tools

Delayed Functionality (coming to FM after v8.0.0)


Profile Features

  • Export Options
  • Cross profile controls
  • Persistent profile objects
Fledermaus 8 focused on modernizing the profile tool and adding new multi-surface capability. Some functionality has not been converted to the new tool, but will be added in upcoming releases.8.4.0
Hardware Flight controlUsing hardware devices, such as the BAT or SpaceNavigator has been disabled in the first release as we focus on calibrating the flight mode for a better default experience.8.3.0
Split-Screen Stereo Rendering ModeWe are evaluating our support for Stereo Rendering and how to best support support this going forward.TBD
Graphical Positioning and Transformation tools
Pipeline ToolsThe pipeline tools were added in recent FM7 releases, and are being combined with the functionality from Routeplanner to form the base of a revised "Offshore" add-on.Started implementation since 8.4.0 and 8.5.0. 
Interpretation Object
Routeplanner Integration in FledermausThe Routeplanner application from FM7 is being replaced by new functionality directly within FledermausPlanning
VesselManager Integration in FledermausThe VesselManager application and supporting functionality will be optimized with new functionality directly within FledermausPlanning

Deprecated Applications



Functionality moved directly into Fledermaus

  • PFM Related functionality moved to Qimera


Point editing is now handled by Qimera8.0.0


Functionality directly supported in Qimera8.0.0


Functionality will move directly into FledermausTBD


Scripting options being evaluated for cmdop replacement8.3.0
iView4DFledermaus will be able to run in an "unlicensed" free mode with limited functionality8.1.0
VesselManagerFunctionality move directly into FledermausTBD

Bundle Transitions

For Fledermaus 7 users there are a few changes from the original bundles. The table below shows what and where the functionality exists with the release of Fledermaus 8.

If you have any questions, please contact QPS.

FM7 Bundle

FM 8 Equivalent Products

FM Hydro


Qimera Clean

FM Offshore

Fledermaus + Offshore Addon*

FM Habitat

Fledermaus + FMGIS Addon


FM Viz4D


FM Pro

Fledermaus + Offshore Addon* + FMGIS Addon


Qimera Clean

(*Offshore addon coming in future release)