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Fledermaus 8.0.1 Release

10 October 2019

We are pleased to present Fledermaus version 8.0.1. The Fledermaus team is committed to provide updates to users with improvements within the application.

For Fledermaus 7 users, please read the transition guide to learn about how Fledermaus 7 and 8 can work together, and the transition of certain functionality.


  • The movie rendering has been optimized to use much less memory. This allows rendering of longer movies without running out of memory.


  • Fixed issue with incorrect parameters being applied when creating objects from external point files
  • Fixed contour exports of DXF and DWG/CAD to preserve user specified colours 
  • Draping for already loaded images now works
  • 3D models now render properly when changing vertical exaggeration
  • Fixed abrupt exiting operation when exporting a surface to image
  • Images geographically projected now import without issues.
  • Fixed issue with scalar object imports and their properties
  • Resolved incorrect exit of application when updating colormap properties

Fledermaus 8 incorporates many feedback items from customers but was started before the QPS feedback project. With this release Fledermaus will now join the other QPS projects in fully using the feedback projects. Please provide feedback and vote on items of interest!

For more information see also Voting System Policy and Using the feedback project