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Fledermaus 8.2.0 - Important Notes

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Existing Fledermaus users with a license that is under maintenance will be able to install and run Fledermaus 8.2 alongside Fledermaus 7.8 or newer, using the same license. 
No changes to the license configuration have been made with this release. This allows trying out the new features of FM 8.2, while continuing to use Fledermaus 7.8 on the same machine.


The Fledermaus installer will install by default into subdirectories with the version name under the typical install path, which is usually C:\Program Files\QPS\Fledermaus. 
This allows multiple installations quite easily and follows the trend that Qinsy has been using for some time. 
Users with Fledermaus 7.X already installed will find that Fledermaus 8 will install into the Fledermaus 7 directory, but in the 8.2.0 subdirectory of the Fledermaus 7 installation folder.

Support for Fledermaus v7.X


Fledermaus 7 will be maintained alongside Fledermaus 8, as functionality is moved over to the new applications.

Support for Fledermaus 7 will continue, and an end-of-life announcement will be made well in advance.

End of support for Fledermaus on Windows 7

Microsoft has ended Support for Windows 7 in January 2020 and QPS will also stop supporting Windows 7. For now Fledermaus 8.2 has been tested on Windows 7 without a problem.
Any problems with this version related to the Operating System will not be solved. Future releases will not be tested on Windows 7.

It is highly recommended to switch to Windows 10.