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Fledermaus 8.2.0 - Resolved Bugs

The following bugs were solved in this release.


Path for video files was hard coded and wouldn't play if the Scene or Project was moved to a new machine

Scalar colormap ranges were incorrect and could not be modified

Importing an FM7 scene to FM8 with 2 objects of the same name only loaded 1 object

Solid model objects were not being saved in the correct location

Fledermaus crashed when loading Midwater beam fans with more than 256 beams

Fledermaus could not load Dynamic Surfaces created in Survey Manager

Point cloud objects were displaying an incorrect color legend for some "Color By" options

Geographic vertical curtains were not loading in Fledermaus 8

Vertical curtains with greater than 8192 rows would not load in Fledermaus 8

Crash when adjusting the color map range for a surface, using the histogram

Fixed export of contours as DXF files

Could not create projects or scenes with non-ASCII characters in the name

Creating a mesh with some coordinate references systems (CRS) caused a crash

Exporting a 3D PDF did not honor the scene vertical exaggeration

Exporting a 3D PDF did not properly export the draped imagery

Grid importer for ASCII XYZ data was limited to 65,535 rows and columns

Double clicking on the data viewing panel caused a crash

Loading OBJ files was extremely slow

Importing a BAG file was not properly creating the uncertainty scalar object

The screen would go black when zooming to an object or removing an object from the scene

The time displayed for video files was incorrectly being converted to local time in the video dock

Import and invert of floating point geotiff surfaces resulted in incorrect results

Surface difference operation would ignore polygon selection

Rapidly clicking the refresh button on the ArcGIS external data dock duplicated the displayed databases

There was no way to remove ArcGIS database folders from the external data dock

Transferring a surface to a newly created AcrGIS database caused naming issues

Importing shapefiles did not properly transform

Line and point objects imported from an ArcGIS database were not showing the correct properties

Exporting a TIFF image from a surface was not properly exporting the shading