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Fledermaus 8.2.1 Release

22nd July 2020

We are pleased to present Fledermaus 8.2.1, which addresses a number of bugs and adds a few small improvements to the user interface and operations.

Known Issues

  • Grids with different cell sizes in X and Y are not yet fully supported in Fledermaus 8, which most often occurs when importing geographic data. Versions 8.2.0 and earlier were incorrectly importing these grids, which resulted in alignment issues when combined with other data. To prevent this, Fledermaus 8.2.1 will present a warning message and not allow grids with different X and Y cell size to be imported. A proper fix is being developed for  future release.

Bugs and Small Features

Draping Images on Surfaces

  • Draping an image using custom bounds was not placing the image in the correct location
  • Images that were not covering the full surface had white areas on the edges
  • Performance of streaming draped surface tiles was improved 


  • Fixed
  • A histogram is now displayed when adjusting the colormap range for standalone scalars
  • Attached colormaps were not being read and used. Instead it would use the default colormap


  • Draped images were not rendering correctly on Static surfaces
  • Colormap changes were not always being applied correctly
  • The Dynamic Surface object now allows selection of the "shallow", "average", or "deep" surface
  • Fledermaus application would hang when importing certain variations of GMT grids
  • Added support for 16-bit GeoTIFF surfaces
  • Fixed problem exporting some GRID5 surfaces to ASCII XYZ
  • Surface difference operations where not properly using the bounds from the "Load Polygon from File"

BAG (Bathymetric Attributed Grids)

  • BAG export was failing when using a Dynamic Surface without an uncertainty layer created in Qimera
  • Imported BAG files had incorrect data added at the extents of the surface
  • Export to a different grid format was padding the bounds
  • Importing BAG files is now twice as fast
  • A progress bar is displayed during the import process


  • Delauney Triangulation algorithm for mesh creation can now be used on points in a scene and restricted by the polygon selection
  • Fixed crash when using the Poisson algorithm and choosing "Use Existing Normals" and there are no normals in the source files
  • Terrain meshes now use "two-sided" lighting to improve the visualization

Camera and View Controls

  • The Z-Key for "Zoom to Object" was not functioning properly in Plan view
  • Zooming in and out by holding down the middle mouse button was broken in Fledermaus 8.1.1
  • Scene goes black when changing the vertical exaggeration in plan view
  • After removing an object from the scene, the camera does not properly reset the view
  • Markers for Space Time Notes would disappear when viewing the scene from above

Additional Fixes

  • Rendering  a movie would fail if the destination directory had a dot (.) in the path, such as C:\users\danny.neville
  • The height for the Plane object was not correctly set in the Scene
  • When profiling multiple surfaces, all profiles where blue instead of a unique color
  • Clear Transparency tool for Images was launching the incorrect dialog
  • The time bar would disappear when videos are re-ordered
  • Changing a date in the data viewing table for the Point Object would revert the value to 01/01/1970
  • "Open Project..." and "Open Recent Scene" where not properly asking to save the Scene if changes had occurred
  • Some operations where not properly flagging the Scene as modified
  • The color map legend now stays the same size, regardless of the screen capture scale
  • In some cases, the color map legend was rendered behind the data
  • The number of transparent objects counter, in the slide display, was not updating when a file is removed
  • Importing an FMGT backscater mosaic into Fledermaus was changing the color map


  • Please note that FMGT and FMMW are independently released, respective release notes can be found here:
  • If you are a Caris/QPS workflow please read this information as QPS products do not currently support Caris 11 Licensing.

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