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Fledermaus 8.2.2 Release

17th September 2020

We are pleased to present Fledermaus 8.2.2, which addresses a number of bugs and adds a few small improvements. One big addition is that for the first time, we are releasing versions of Fledermaus 8 for Linux and macOS. 


  • This release adds support for both Linux and macOS
  • The Fledermaus free viewer now has a standalone installer on Windows
    • The shortcut to the free viewer will still be added when doing an install of the full version
  • The Export Surface tool has been updated to match all options that the Fledermaus 7 had

Known Issues

  • Grids with different cell sizes in X and Y are not yet fully supported in Fledermaus 8, which most often occurs when importing geographic data. Versions 8.2.0 and earlier were incorrectly importing these grids, which resulted in alignment issues when combined with other data. To prevent this, Fledermaus 8.2.1 will present a warning message and not allow grids with different X and Y cell size to be imported. A proper fix is being developed for a future release.

Bugs and Small Features


  • Additional checks have been added to help prevent crashes with low powered graphics cards, such as built-in Intel cards

Space-Time Notes

  • There is now an option to specify a color for each Space-Time Note marker

LAS Point Clouds

  • Data imported from LAS files, or opened directly would have problems when a single file had more then 62 million points


  • Creating a new surface directly from .point files would cause a crash
  • Surfaces that had an attached scalar (such as calculated slope), would sometimes crash on open
  • Exporting the calculated Rugosity values to an ASCII file would produce incorrect results

Color Map Legend

  • The color map legend will dynamically adjust in size to match the size of the display window. Previously it could be either too large, or too small for the scene


  • Please note that FMGT and FMMW are independently released, respective release notes can be found here:
  • If you are a Caris/QPS workflow please read this information as QPS products do not currently support Caris 11 Licensing.

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