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Fledermaus 8.2.3 Release

29 October 2020

We are pleased to present Fledermaus 8.2.3, which is a maintenance release addressing critical bugs, with a specific focus on alignment issues when importing and exporting surfaces.

Known Issues

  • Fledermaus 8.2.3 does not fully support SD line objects containing polygon entity types
  • Grids with different cell sizes in X and Y are not yet fully supported in Fledermaus 8, which most often occurs when importing geographic data. Versions 8.2.0 and earlier were incorrectly importing these grids, which resulted in alignment issues when combined with other data. To prevent this, Fledermaus 8.2.1 (and newer) will present a warning message and not allow grids with different X and Y cell size to be imported. A proper fix is being developed for a future release.

Bugs and Small Features


  • Added back the ability to change sun-illumination direction when using point objects (sphere marker type only)
  • Creating a timed presentation could potentially crash with certain slides

  • Compressed Scene (.qsz) files now work if the file is renamed before opening

  • SD line objects containing 2D polylines are now properly supported for import in Fledermaus 8


  • When exporting a surface the bounds were not always adjusted for the populated area.

  • Grid data had a Z-shift when exporting or importing using ArcView, GMT, and floating-point GeoTiff grids
  • Scalar data exported to XYZ did not line up when re-imported as points


  • Please note that FMGT and FMMW are independently released, respective release notes can be found here:
  • If you are a Caris/QPS workflow please read this information as QPS products do not currently support Caris 11 Licensing.

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