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Fledermaus 8.3.2 Release

3 March 2021

We are pleased to present Fledermaus 8.3.2 which is a maintenance release addressing a number of bugs and a few small enhancements.


  • You can chose to use Dynamic Lighting in the shading options for surfaces. Dynamic Lighting gives users the option to very quickly visually improve the appearance of the surface object loaded to Fledermaus map display. This features gives the surface the look and feel of the Fledermaus 7 default parameters (See Figure below). 

 A. B.

Figure 1.  Screen captures of Surfaces with different Shading options. (A) Surface with QPS default shading (real physical shading), and (B) Same surface and location with Dynamic Lighting enabled.

The default shading parameters and options for QPS products is real physical shading. If you want to make use of the relative lighting solution, you need to go to the Shading options on the object attributes dock and toggle on Dynamic Lighting (See Figure 2). Note that the altitude and vertical scale variables from the lighting parameters, would then be relative values too. Please go to the Fledermaus 8 Reference manual to learn more about the shading parameters dialog.

Figure 2. Shading parameters dialog highlighting Dynamic Lighting enabled.


  • The Fledermaus Viewer (accompanying freeware of Fledermaus) is now available for MacOS and Linux based operating systems.
  • You are able to set labels to point objects, including handling points without labels specified at load
  • You are able to load points and set labels

Resolved Bugs

  • When you create a plane, set depth is now reported congruently through-out the application (set depth, profiles and rendering on map display).
  • As a user you are prevented from adding transparencies to points, as it is not currently supported.
  • Navigation functions that were not working well when changing background color are now addressed.
  • Changing background and vertical exaggeration is now persistent when saving the scene.
  • Contours created now correspond to the layer of the surface that you select: Deep, Shallow or Average
  • Panning in 2D now will not lock on you.
  • You can apply a colormap to a scalar and will not incur in a shift in the object.
  • Improved draping for images and surfaces that have different cell sizes.
  • Exporting the a surface to ASCII now respects the layer selected: Deep, Shallow, Average)
  • Export Scene to Geoimage has improvements so that you can include lines and points in the export and ensure their visibility.
  • Static Surface graphic user interface dock is improved.
  • Contours error in shift created is now fixed.
  • Contour created with single height will persist in rendering after you set an offset.
  • Selecting the colormap for gridded data will now be applied when you select it in the import dialog.
  • Colormap banded adjustments are now being applied consistently with other products for version 8
  • Exported .OBJ files will carry over your set clipped settings.
  • The Shared Scene operation will now successfully copy your scene without giving you a temporary directory error.
  • When you import processed points and build a surface with the Weighting Moving Average (height only) the resulting surface will not have added artifacts that could occur when greatly oversampling the point set.
  • When you created plane in Fledermaus 8 it now does not have a 1m offset in the display of it.
  • Selected preferences will now persist within sessions.
  • Movie making logo watermark now exports properly with the movie rendering.


  • Fledermaus Viewer will not give you Licensing errors, these are now addressed
  • Fledermaus Viewer crash for a point file specific was addressed.
  • There are improvements to the License errors reported to users
  • Please note that FMGT and FMMW are independently released, respective release notes can be found here:
  • If you are a Caris/QPS workflow please read this information as QPS products do not currently support Caris 11 Licensing.

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