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Fledermaus 8.4.1 Release


We're pleased to present Fledermaus version 8.4.1.  In this release, provide improvements that were requested. Read below for details.


  • It is now possible to initialize a 3D device and work with it within the Fledermaus preferences
  • You can now activate the 3D flight mode in the explore menu and use the 3D flight mode when working with a SpaceNavigator or Patriot device.
  • You can now load subsequent images and expect the georeferencing set to adequate defaults and scene CRS for input and output CRS settings.
  • You are able to change the scene CRS, and the application will prompt you to reproject the visual objects that would need it to be able to render in the map display
  • Contour loading speed and data management has improved, as it was optimized
  • Fixed a small potential offset within a cell size when generating contours.
  • You will not receive a false error on the ArcGIS project and geodatabase connection
  • You can now copy surfaces and attach scalars and not cause a shift in the surface
  • You can now change the zoom in 2D and 3D when working with the selection mode widgets
  • It is possible for Fledermaus 8 to render Fledermaus 7 labels.
  • QPS processed point format QPD now can re-projects on the fly 
  • Addressed issue with labels of the bounding box with Latitude and Longitude, North/South axis showing E/W
  • You can now share a scene as a qsz which will include images from the presentation
  • You are able to work transparencies for all types of point markers


  • Fledermaus will now warn you when you are going to run out of maintenance

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