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Fledermaus 8.4.2 Release


We're pleased to present Fledermaus version 8.4.2. In this release, we  In this release, provide improvements that were requested. Read below for details.


  • Added support for HIPS I/O SDK version 11 licensing. We now support HIPS licenses for versions 9, 10 and 11


  • Improved naming and management of movie file sequences output
  • Fixed an issue in the profile tool editing to avoid a potential exit of the application
  • Fixed an issue with creation of profile object when working with geographic data input
  • Improved import gridded data dialog to report cell size estimated for the load for users to have a reference of what will result
  • Fixed issue with importing 3rd party grids that contained special characters in the filename
  • Improved messaging for read only exported grid files
  • Space Navigator calibration routine has improved
  • Fixed black strip of padding for images upon export of images
  • Improved transparency visualizations of plane surfaces in presentation mode
  • Playback of scene for point and transparencies in scene has been fixed

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