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Fledermaus 8.4.3 Release



  • New merge surface operation which allows fusing together several loaded surfaces to make one single .surface file, with 3 different methods available: Shallow, average and deep
  • New merge scalar operation which allows fusing together several loaded scalars to make one single .scalar.
  • New merge image operation which allows fusing together several loaded images to make one single .geoimage.
  • New ability to load a profile of a pipeline object in the profile plot
  • New batch profiler object exports option is now available and with the option of file naming by label given.
  • Profile plot now has a vertical scale exaggeration option.
  • Digit label number now allows decimal places precision for point data 
  • QGF Area and QGF Design triangulated representations are now supported.
  • It is now possible to do Scene to image exports that exceed the 8K x 8K limitation given before, enabling working with larger exports for this function.
  • Free hand selection mode now respects the area within the polygon selected, enhancing selection abilities to perform operations on different object types (i.e. meshing)

Bug Fixes 

  • Pipeline object now renders accordingly in right place aligned with related dynamic surface.
  • Plotting widget display is not over cluttered when working with a line import for loading in the profile plot, showing all of the samples.
  • It is now possible to load Fledermaus 7 profiler objects on Fledermaus 8 without issues
  • Exporting a geographic coordinate based data profiler object now results in expected values
  • Geotiff (grid surfaces and scalar) import improvements with very significant time reduction of time loads
  • You can now make a rectangular selection and it will be represented by it, and not resulting in a square of the selection.
  • Rendered movies and imagery products now make sure they are always rendered with the full resolution data for the best quality results possible.
  • Improvements on the opening of an older scene and objects handlings and naming conventions.
  • Improved object mesh and surface transparencies handling when working with presentation mode and movie renderings
  • Surface bounds and populated rows now report exact size of object rows and columns populated, for a step wise process improvement.
  • Rendering a movie keeps and works with point pixel data with eye dome lighting
  • Fixed an unexpected exit of the application that was happening while setting surface object transparencies during presentation mode.
  • Fixed screen capture unexpected behaviour causing freezing of the application.

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