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Fledermaus 8.4.4 Release


We're pleased to present Fledermaus version 8.4.4. In this release, we have improvements and resolved bugs. Read below for details.


  • In the shading preferences you can now set the default dynamic lighting mode on/off. When on this gives you the fm7 style dynamic shading.
  • When you use the profiler batch create process from it names resulting profiler objects with input object base name.
  • It is now possible to import and export terrain mesh and solid model objects with different axis layouts to create a workflow of 3D objects to third party software.
  • 3D Model objects now have a right click Transformations operation to rotate, scale, and translate models.
  • You can now create a mesh directly from QPDs from a QPS project dock without needing to load the them in the scene
  • You can now create a new scene even if you have several scenes saved within a QPS project without losing the QPS project connection at project dock
  • You can a create a selection from a line object

Resolved Bugs

  • When saving QPD, Laser, and Pts files the color map used is now saved as well. 
  • You can now use textures for colouring 3D model and expect alignment from texture image and model
  • When meshing with QPDs and using the QPD for normal aiming, an empty QPD no longer causes an unexpected exit of the application.
  • Changing colormap on a drape surface now remains within a scene
  • You can now specify the point attribute size better according to type of shape for point selected
  • Fledermaus LAZ/LAS objects now reports the total number of points in the properties display.
  • When working a reprojection, you will be prompted only once for the copy of the object now reprojected
  • Users can now do a correct transform between EPSG 32616 and EPSG 32066
  • QPD, LAS/LAZ and PTS can be exported to ArcGIS ASCII, Google Earth KML or XYZ ASCII
  • Addressed an error message with KML export about read only file.
  • Fixed an issue when reading companion TFWs files with rotation when loading an image.

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