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Fledermaus 8.5.0 Release

We're pleased to present Fledermaus version 8.5.0. In this release, we introduce the Point Cloud Streaming object, an object that supports Entwine based point streaming from local or network data sources. This release also comes along with many improvements that were requested by our users. Read below for details.


  • New streamed point cloud object - Connect to and stream points from local or network Entwine datasets.
  • Support to show X - Point listings associated with a cable/pipe object. 
  • Numerous profile object and cross profiling improvements - especially dynamic cross profiling. 
  • Added an image object translation/reposition operation.
  • Project workflow improvements.

Feedback Project

In this release, we have completed 1 feedback project item, which satisfies 2 votes. For more information, see our Voting system Policy  and Using the Voting System

The Feedback Project helps us to continue improving our software products. Vote or implement feedback and participate in the process by tracking, watching and commenting on issues!

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