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Fledermaus file size recommendation

This page contains an overview of the recommended maximum sizes for the different file types used within QINSy.

  • Database files
  • QPD files
  • Grid files
  • QGF files
    • VOM
    • Line
    • Background
    • Design
  • Image files
    • Geotiff
    • ECW

File typeRecommended max. sizeTo be usedComments

500 MB

Possible: 2Gb

If larger:

  • Risk of reducing performance (replay/Qimera/FMGT)

QPD250 MBPossible: 1Gb

If larger:

  • Risk of reducing performance (Validator/Qimera/FGMT)

Sounding grid

  • 50 Gb

Dynamic (with qpd's)

  • 50 Gb

If larger:

  • Cooperative Cleaning
  • 50 Mb (current limit)


  • Decimated (removing and simplifying items in the drawing)
    • Try CAD functions to simplify the drawing
  • No Blocks, Large Radius, ARC
  • 50km max. suggested distance from working area
  • Delete layers that are not used or empty

Image files

Geotiff Distance:

  • 1000m2


  • no limit

ECW Distance:

  • 1000km2


  • 100 Gb

Dependent on Geodetic location

If Geotiff misformed/misplaced:

  • Decrease size (divide into several Geotiffs)
  • Create ECW instead of Geotiff