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How-to Fledermaus - Setup a Bat Device for 3D flight

These instructions are a set of steps to help users to get ready to be able to work with the Space Navigator 3D flight device and also BAT.

Step-by-step guide

After connecting and plugging in your 3D navigator device (3D Space Navigator or the BAT) and making sure drivers and installers are to date:

1. Make sure the COM port is set to 1 or 2. If you go to the computer's device manager and select Advanced in the properties you should be able to see it.

2. Launch Fledermaus and go to the preferences, in the 3D Flight tab choose the adequate Device (Patriot?) and verify that the Device Port listed should be the same COM port in (1).
    In case the port specified is different, you can always type which port it is, even if not listed on the drop-down menu.

3. In the General tab of the preferences, choose 3D flight for the Interactive Mode. 

Click apply and close the preferences
4. Finally, on the Exploration menu, toggle 3D Flight from the drop down menu. Say yes to the question of the device being ready to use.
Give the unit some seconds (the led light from your device (hub), should go through some red flashes and then green. The application should react then.

You should be able to fly.

Please note that the Space Navigator 3D and BAT are the supported 3D navigation devices to date.

If you wish to request and suggest support for another space navigator please log a Suggestion ticket within our Support Ticket System.

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